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Law Suits

For those of you wondering what types of law suits are most common among people, below are some of them.

First are car accidents. When a car accident occurs, the drivers and passengers may get hurt or their cars may be totaled. This can cause a financial burden on them because of repair costs on the vehicle, medical bills, and time off work. When this happens one or both parties may sue the other to try to get the financial compensation they are looking for.

Second, workers’ compensation. The employer that you work for is responsible legally to make sure that the workplace is safe for all their employees. So if an employee gets hurt on the job that employee should be entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits. The employee cannot file a lawsuit against the company but can hire a Harrisburg custody lawyer to handle what goes into getting workers’ compensation so that the employer can get maximum compensation and medical attention from the employer.

Third, slip and fall. This legal suit can happen because someone fell at work, at a mall, at a grocery store, at a parking lot, at a hospital, or at a public place. With this type of suit the main goal is to let the owner or manager know that they were negligent and caused an accident to happen so that they will fix the problem so it won’t happen again.

Fourth, product liability. When a product is defective, it can cause injuries and if that happens the person should be compensated. The product that is defective can be a number of things such as appliances, vehicle brakes, toys, and air bags. The defect may have occurred because it was designed poorly or any other reasons.

Fifth, drug recall. If you ingested a drug that was recalled by the government or Food and Drug Administration and you have heart disease, cancer, or other serious illness, you may be able to file a recall suit. In order to file for compensation against the drug manufactures, a lawyer is the way to go because of their experience with pharmaceutical companies.

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